Meeting Schedule:

February 1 @6pm Tumbleweed Zanesville

March 1 @6pm Tumbleweed Zanesville

April 15 at the EOQHA show (Columbus) time to be announced

May 6 at the EOQHA show (Columbus) time to be announced

June 7 @6pm Tumbleweed Zanesville

July 15 at the the OAQHA show (Wilmington) Little Buckeye time to be announced

August 2 @6pm Tumbleweed Zanesville

September 9 at the EOQHA show (Columbus) time to be announced

October 4 @6pm Tumbleweed Zanesville

EOQHYA Congress Team (NYATT) Requirements:

1. Attend 2 meetings by the July meeting (July included)

2. Obtain $50.00 in sponsors

3. Participate in 2 fund raisers:

               – Donate silent auction item for the banquet and/or September show.

               – Participate in the flower sale.

               –Sell lottery tickets, 50/50 tickets, sell flowers or laminate numbers at an EOQHA show.

4. Perform 3 hours of work at a EOQHA show (hours may be performed by parent/guardian)

             -Help set up/ tear down trail pattern

             -Help at the show pen (working the gate, running papers)

Once selected as a team member, you should attend the August and September meetings. You must work at least 2 hours at the September EOQHA show in Columbus, OH  (hours may be performed by parent/guardian)

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Youth advisors:

Connie Vansickle – (740) 819-4073
Julie Brown – (740) 819-3377