2021 EOQHA Show Results

September 10-12, 2021 – EOQHA Fall Show Results

April 24-25, 2021 – Springfield Show Results

April 10-11, 2021 – Springfield Show Results



September show results

EOQHA Youth Showmanship scribe sheets

EOQHA Youth showmanship and Halter Results PublicationRpt

EOQHA Youth 14-18 showmanship scribe sheets

EOQHA All Amt showmanship scribe sheets

EOQHA Showmanship and Halter results PublicationRpt

Horsemanship L1 Yth WT.. L1 Yth

WT trail scribe sheets (1)

WR RR Reing Results PublicationRpt

Amt trail scribe sheets

Youth trail scribe sheets

EOQHA Sr Trail Scribe sheets

EOQHA Jr Trail scribe sheets

EOQHA L1 Green Trail scribe sheets

EOQHA Trail PublicationRpt

EOQHA Yth Amt and Open RR

EOQHA Reining

EOQHA Youth and L1 Yth WR

EOQHA Open WR and Amt WR

EOQHA L1 Open and Amt WR

EOQHA WP PublicationRpt

EOQHA Sm Fry Horsemanship

EOQHA L1 Youth Horsemanship

EOQHA L1 Amt Horsemanship

EOQHA Amt and Select Horsemanship

EOQHA 13 under…14-18 Horsemanship (1)

EOQHA NSBA results PublicationRpt

EOQHA Equitation SmFry L1 Amt WT L1 Yth WT. L1 Youth

EOQHA HUS and Eq PublicationRpt

EOQHA Youth Equitation scribe sheets

EOQHA Eq…L1 Amt…..Amateur….Select Amateur

2019 Points

EOQHA Sept 2019 Results

Eastern Ohio Points 2019 thru April – adult

EOQHA Youth points through April 2019


2018 Points

EOQHA Final 2018 Open/Amateur Points

EOQHA April 7-8 Publication Report


2017 Points 

– Final Open -Amateur

2017 Final Points – Youth